Artist Bio

As many others do, I have struggled to balance the need to make a living,serve my community, and fulfill my lifelong desire to paint. In order to combine making a living and service, I considered a career as a firefighter until I witnessed the horrific sight of a man burning to death. I said “Never.” Instead I chose to work in law enforcement; I served as a law enforcement officer in southwest Atlanta for more than twenty years;I served twice as an Embedded Civilian Police Mentor for the International Security Alliance Force in Afghanistan, where I assisted in the development and training of Afghan Security Forces, for approximately four years.In 2014, with my dream to paint going unfulfilled, I asked myself a serious question…if not now, when ? I was more convinced than ever that through my art I could now make a contribution to humanity.Over the last few years, through workshops and intensive mentoring, I have been working to grow in the language of painting. My focus is to illuminate the world around us so we can see the awesome beauty of our God’s creation. I use the abstract shapes I see to paint that picture. I want to invite the viewer into this experience. I want to enrich the lives of others and encourage them to embrace the joys of living.

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