Artist Bio

University of West Georgia alumni, Lauren G. Koch is a nationally and internationally exhibited mixed media artist, classically trained pianist, and folk musician. Skilled in a wide variety of mediums, she is most drawn to foundry, fabrication, and printmaking. Her exposure to iron casting as an early teen has now taken her all over the United States assisting iron pour performances and her mentors in workshops as well as exhibiting and presenting presentations of her work.

After researching natural colorants and mordents for many years, she began utilizing iron oxide and rust as a printmaking process, which she incorporates with other traditional printmaking, drawing, and painting techniques.

While pursuing her BFA at UWG, she participated in several study abroad programs allow her to visit several European countries and pursue her research.

In addition to being a featured artist at Newnan Art Rez, she has been an emerging artist at Salem Art Works and the Atlanta Printmakers Studio. This autumn, she will be embarking upon her graduate studies at the University of Maryland MFA program in College Park, Maryland.

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